This Blog is a way for me to express my opinon about todays markets and specifical developments of my own trading. I hope it will help me and others to explore the difficulties of trading and to develope as a person and a trader. I will use it to let others know what i think and also to be able to see my own progress in making the right decisions in the markets.


I like honest traders,who dont let everyone know as soon as they have a winning trade and are totally quiet when they are stopped out of a position.It is just not possible to have winning trades all the time,even though it might seem that way to someone who is not trading every day.As a casual observer it might seem very easy to win all the time.But as a daytrader you always start at zero every day and that is what makes it a totally different situation.I love beeing a daytrader,but when you have a day,when seemingly every decision you make seems to cost you,it is sometimes hard to stay confident.Still you have to be confident in your system and always be willing to improve it,when it doesnt work.


I first started trading and i underestimated the amount of work you have to put in every day to achieve satisfying results.But when you do it,it is even more rewarding than you could have imagined.And i dont mean the financial rewards only,but first and foremost the good feeling of being right.


Good Luck


About Schwarzdaytrades

I am a full time day trader. I like to share my opinion about stocks and the psychology of trading.
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