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I am a full time day trader. I like to share my opinion about stocks and the psychology of trading.

New direction

After struggling for the last few months to make a decent living by trading and doing the name of my blog justice by now being almost out of money, i decided to give my professional life a new direction and … Continue reading

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Scalping high volatility

I didn’t post my recent trades,because the market was as volatile intraday as i have never seen it before. I changed my strategy to extremely short-term scalping. Scalping 2 points or 5 points in about 30 seconds is not possible … Continue reading

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Discipline pays!

In my last post i was really upset about my trading. I didn’t follow my rules last week,i was undisciplined and i overtraded. I went into this week with the intention of not taking more than two trades per day. … Continue reading

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Blame Yourself!

Sometimes traders tend to blame the government,the Algos, the media or something else for their bad trading performance. When i look at the way i traded today, it would be easy to complain about all of those things. *** But … Continue reading

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Writing down a plan

Usually i have i pretty exact picture of what i want to do in any situation. I thought that i didn’t need to write everything down in advance, because i told myself, that it would make me less adaptive to … Continue reading

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After having the same problems with my discipline multiple times (selling too early as soon as my profit reaches certain levels)i decided to make all my trades public on from now on. I hope it will help me doing … Continue reading

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Trading different setups

Recently the market has been going down during the day. The 5dma is declining and in that environment most breakouts are failing,so it doesn’t make sense to trade them. To make money in this market i was looking for a … Continue reading

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